About Us

Who We Are

GROOM4MORE.com is the best tool for any school student aiming to improve his understanding of various concepts and prepare for tests - boards, school tests, Olympiads, IIT and various other competitive exams. It is our strong belief that technology can help each student improve performance. G4M improves your chances through a structured program:

  1. Videos and content to help improve understanding of topics
  2. Tests to evaluate the current level of understanding
  3. Analysis to help you identify your areas of strength and weakness so that you can practice, prepare and improve

GROOM is a national platform and provides you a great opportunity to understand your current levels of understanding of a topic through national level analysis. You benefit immensely from the wide variety of instructors and content. It gives you the flexibility to learn at your own pace and at your own convenience. There are multiple verticals of study on Groom. You can participate in all of them and get benefited.


On G4M, our attempt is to provide the best quality content for you at ZERO COST. We collate the best content for you, reach out to the best trainers and institutes to get the highest quality content and provide an opportunity for the best teachers to share their knowledge with thousands of students across the country. You can browse through the content and go through it at your own convenience.


Tests are a great way to evaluate our current level of understanding on the given topic. It is important to know where we stand currently so that we can focus on areas where we lag. G4M provides tests on a variety of areas - state board chapters, cbse chapters, Olympiads, IIT Foundation, Competitive exams etc. All these tests are taken by students from across India. It gives you an opportunity to know where you stand nationally. The more the students taking the test the better is the analysis for you.


We believe that detailed analysis for every test helps you gain proficiency in each topic. It is always better to know the areas that you are strong or weak in so that you can plan your preparation properly.

Test analysis Highlights :
  1. Ranks (city wise, state wise and national level)
  2. Question wise analysis of the time taken, country wide % of students who got the question right
  3. Key and Solutions
  4. Videos that can help students overcome the short comings in that topic

GROOM4MORE is your virtual teacher who strives as hard as your teacher to help you improve and become successful.