Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does help students?

    We understand how serious most students and parents are when it comes to competitive exams. Getting into IITs requires a lot of planning and preparation and this is where we help every student.

    Good analysis helps every student plan and prepare better. Every week, we conduct three tests - one each in Maths, Physics and Chemistry. These tests will help a student assess where he/ she is in terms of understanding of that concept. You don't have to wait till your IIT JEE exam to see where you stand vis-a-vis your peers from across the country. You can check it every day and take measures to improve the performance from Day one.

  • Do you provide preparation material for me?

    We do not directly provide any preparation material. We are in the process of adding hundreds of free video tutorials on For now, we can help you get the best material for IIT preparation. All you have to do is call us on +91 95501 14466.

  • Can I know my city/ state ranks?

    Yes. Our analysis helps you know where you stand in your city and state apart from providing the national level analysis.

  • How does analysis help me?

    If you are to do well in any exam, the first thing you need to know is your areas of strength and weakness - which are the topics where you will do well and which are the topics where you will not do well. Unfortunately, you don't always get such information and it really impacts your preparation

    Our analysis gives you detailed performance reports in different topics so you know which areas need more of your attention. You can plan your preparation better with

  • Can I invite my friends to

    You can invite as many of your friends as you can. You would be able to help each other improve.