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As a school principal/ correspondent/ administrator you are responsible for the lives of hundreds of students. School plays the most important role in shaping a student's life. In the hyper-competitive world, every tool that can help the students improve their understanding of the concepts is required. Your students have to depend on just the notes from teacher or buy costly books. provides you content from multiple Content Creators so you can choose the right content. You will get content for different state boards, Olympiads, IIT Foundation, Scholarship tests and many more.:

In the school, it is extremely difficult to evaluate how well a student understood a topic by comparing their performance as against a handful of students. The sample size is too small to give a great understanding of the student's current level of understanding. Your students will compete with the best and brightest from across the country on groom4more. You get valuable insights into your wards' performances (areas in which they need improvement, areas in which they excel, time management during tests etc.). Their performance now improves pretty fast.

Own Tests & Content

You will have a section on groom4more to upload content, tests, presentations, videos etc. The content can be customized for each class. You get valuable data to analyze the students' performance. It is completely free and helps the students learn from anywhere and at any time.

The major benefits of partnering with are :
  • National level analysis of your wards' performance
  • See where your wards are against all the thousands of students
  • Get analysis of your wards' performances and ways to improve it
  • Educational videos to help increase their understanding of the concepts

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