Getting into IITs is a dream for many students and their parents too. In 2015 alone, there were over 12 lakh students who appeared in the JEE Mains. It is extremely important for every IIT aspirant to have the basics right and also know where they are failing and where they are scoring. A national level test series with analysis helps every students hoping and preparing to clear JEE to get into the prestigious IITs.

Groom4more.com is every IIT aspirant's dream come true. We provide a national level foundation test series which helps students prepare better for IIT-JEE

The major benefits of participating in groom4more.com are :

  • You can compete with students from across the country (studying the same grade as you)
  • See where you stand as against all the thousands of students
  • Get analysis of your performances and ways to improve your performance
  • Watch educational videos to help increase your understanding of the concepts

Test analysis Highlights :

  • Ranks (city wise, state wise and national level)
  • Question wise analysis of the time taken, country wide % of students who got the question right
  • Key and Solutions
  • Videos that can help students overcome the short comings in that topic

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Grand Tests

Test your over all skills here. Every week, you will be able to participate in one grand test, get analysis and improve your performances.