Olympiads are conducted by various educational organizations around the world. Mainly, Olympiads are conducted as annual competitions for school students in subjects like Math, Science, Computers,Astronomy, Philosophy, Social sciences, Linguistics, Earth science etc. The main objective of an Olympiad is to evaluate a student's subject in a particular subject.

This also plays a key role in shaping students future goals according to their interests. Along with evaluating a student, Olympiads also evaluates the study methods adapted by several educational institutions.Most popular Olympiads conducted in India are the International Mathematics Olympiad and theNational Science Olympiad conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF). These two Olympians gained the most popularity these days. Every year, thousands of students around the world apply forOlympiads. Students from classes 2nd-12th can apply for the Olympiads conducted by SOF.

The ScienceOlympiad 2012 is also a great Olympiad apart from International Mathematics Olympiad and theNational Science Olympiad. The science Olympiad is conducted by Indira Gandhi National OpenUniversity (IGNOU) in collaboration with the United Nations Educational Scientific and CulturalOrganization (UNESCO).

This Olympiad is conducted for the students of Class XI in various south Asian countries (India, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal and Pakistan).Olympiads are the best platforms for the young brains to test their skills. As the standard of an Olympiad is high, the rewards also weigh fairly. The goodies the students can get ranges from PCs, laptops, mobile phones, cash prizes along with fellowship access to a good university. Apart from that, each student who attends the Olympiad gets a participation certificate according to the levels that they have passed.Covering textbooks only doesn't matter for attending an Olympiad; the student should know more than what is printed in the textbooks.

Along with their high standard skills, students also need to practice well to do their best in the Olympiad. Students who wish to prepare and participate for such Olympiads must improve their knowledge by reading good Olympiad guides.

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